Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oregon looks at taxing mileage instead of gasoline

After reading this article,
I became a little upset. I bought a smaller car that got better gas mileage in order to save money. So now that I have a fuel efficient car you want to tax my mileage I drive? Why should we have to pay for that? OPEC increased gas prices so people drove less. Maybe the government should think about this before they go and charge people for the mileage they drive. I bet no one will buy a hybrid car any more. I thought we were trying to save the auto industry by showing everyone how great a hybrid car is and we all should go out and buy it. If you are getting taxed on mileage then what if you leave the state so your paying extra taxes. Your paying Oregon's mileage tax and then the gasoline tax of what ever state you drive in. That sounds crazy to me. But oh well they want to tax us on more things. This is so our government can give the auto industry can be bailed out or so the people who make meth can get almost free prescription of Sudefed to make meth. More on that subject another day. LOL

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