Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My day did get better today

Well the sun did come out today. My ring is fixed but it is not under warenty. So I will pay to have it fixed. I went to my mom's house to do laundry today. I worked on the basement and cleaning up some of the boxes from our old house. When the floods came we packed what was left in one day. So everything is a jumbled mess. My stuff, my brother's stuff and my parent's stuff. So I worked down there and helped my mom sort through the mess. I accomplished something.

Courtney stole my work bag and is using it for her school bag so I need to figure something out to carry my paper work around in. I don't think the reuseable Walmart bag will do it. I refuse to use her Tinkerbell or Hana Montana backpack. It has to be big enough for a binder.

The boys took their Wii back upstairs to their room because they were tired of sharing it with their mother. I have been playing Wii Fit that is fun. LOL I guess I am getting the exercise. The don't like to share their toys. Caleb goes "MOM you can use it all day while we are at school!" I still like to play with it.

So I volunteered to make mints for my grandfather's 75th birthday party in two weeks. Any one want to join? I have a good recipe. It is made with cream cheese. I have to go pick up a mint mold tomorrow so I can make them. I think Wal-Mart might have them or Micheals.

Well I still have to put my laundry away. At least the dishes are done for the night and the kids are ready for bed.

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