Monday, January 5, 2009

My day I probably should have stayed home

Well I had to turn in my paper work today. So I had to leave the house. The kids had a late start. I had not looked at the tv to even see so I was getting the boys ready to go to school and turned on the news. Low and behold a late start. It was because of the ice. I really did not think they would delay school. So they were home a few hours longer.

The good thing is Courtney was a bear to get out of bed. She hates to get up on the week days but is up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. WHY I ask?!?

So I made my grocery list and got ready to go. I had my tea. So I have to go to work, drop off paper work and pick up paper work. I needed to go to Walmart. I have needed to go to the jeweler since July to get my rings soldered together. I needed to stop and see Harmand's parents. So I was off, I didn't get started till after 11 because Courtney's bus didn't pick her up till 10:30.

I could not find my leather coat and gloves. So I found my other coat that I look like a black snowman in. So I dig out a pair of gloves. This should have been the first sign to stay home. As I was talking to Krista I told her "maybe someone is trying to tell me to stay here." I laughed it off and left. By the way I did find the coat tonight. It was hanging up behind one of the kids coats. Don't ask me how I missed it.

From there I went to Walmart. That in it's self says it all. The lines were long. I think every one else was restocking their cupboards since their kids went back to school today. :) So I got the things on my list.

From there I went to work to drop off paperwork and pick up paper work. The drive over was not so fun. I was going down the interstate and some old guy moved over into my lane. I had to slam on the brakes so he did not take out my whole front end of the car. I was honking my horn. He moved back over but I swear I saw my life flash before my eye at 60 miles an hour.

I don't ever say where I work because of confidentiality. So I will just call it work. It is a great place to work and love the job that I do. I do hate the paperwork. :) I work 2 or 3 days a week with one consumer that I love. She is absolutely the greatest. Besides what better job can you ask for than getting paid to go shopping and out to lunch or the movies.

So my next thing is I stop at Harmand's parents house. I stay for a good hour chatting about how he is and what he is doing. I tried to help his mom with her computer but honestly it is a dead horse.

I had about 25 minutes before the boys got home from school. So I decided I would stop at the jeweler before I went home. I wanted to get my rings welded together and this is one place in town that does the work right there and they don't send it out. Very professional place and They state how much the diamond is worth and all of that. So anyways I take it over to have it done when I called they said they could do it while I waited or pick it up in an hour. So I went over and she was doing a pre-check on it and she said did you know that one of your prongs is gone and two others are loose. I am like what? She showed me. She said I was lucky to not have lost my diamond. It is a nice sized diamond and my husband paid quite a bit for the set. So anyways my ring is there being fixed so I can wear it. I am so frustrated that the ring would already have had that happen. It has a warranty. I got the work done and it should be refunded to me. So I guess I should have stayed home but one good thing is I still have my diamond in my ring. :)

One good thing is I did get to call Harmand tonight. I called to tell him about my great day.

This weekend I did fit into my size 2 jeans. I have been having to wear a belt with my size 4 jeans because they keep falling off my back side. I think this is a good thing in a way except I have all of my clothes I love in a size 4. I really have not been trying to loose weight.

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