Sunday, January 25, 2009

A little fun

Today we went to Chucky Cheese. My brother did not get to do anything with the boys for their birthday so we went to CC. It was fun. It was so PACKED nothing like close quarters. I did see Melissa there and she introduced me as her aunt to everyone. I guess I am her aunt but it is weird to be called that.
The boys had a good time and it was only $30 for pizza and fun. Well my brother's $30. :) So it was a good weekend. I got the house cleaned and I am getting ready to run errands tomorrow.
I need to do laundry too.


O-Ville said...

Ugh - CEC! I like to take the big boys there, though, to blow off some steam. They have wireless so I can take my laptop, hang out in a booth, and just hand them some money & let them go AWAY! LOL!!

Chasity said...

that is cool they have wireless. I wish ours did. I had to hang out with them. I usually take a book.