Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am ready for the kids to go back to school

Well Christmas vacation is over tomorrow. I am ready to have my house back. Less dirty dishes and not constantly cleaning up after the tornadoes. The boys eat all the time. Courtney is being a monster. She has been so demanding the last two days. She has been scratching the boys if she doesn't get her way.

I cut the boys hair this morning before they showered. We were unable to go to church again this am because of the ice. It is another hard winter.

I got my big pictures. Tomorrow I am going to hang them up in the living room and other places in the apartment. I will take pictures when I get them hung.

I am going to make my grocery list and go to the store tomorrow. We are almost out of food again. The boys eat 24/7 now. I think they have hollow legs. They are growing so much.

I did get my closet cleaned out yesterday.

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