Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brittle Gold

Okay so I pick my ring up from the jewler today. She said there is a small hair line crack in my mounting. This is caused from brittle gold. She said that unless I have had a major accident or something like slamming my hand in a door I should not have that kind of a crack. Hmmm let me think, I think I would have remembered slamming my hand in a door. It sounds painful. :) So I guess that rules it out. Did you know that if you have your ring in clorine like in a pool it can damage it. Well no I haven't been swimming at all in the last year. So that preaty much makes it a defect from the manufacturer.

So I call AAFES and I called the online number. Could not find a person to talk to. UGG

So I called Ft. Gordon's PX down there and talked to a lovely woman. She was trying to be helpful but with us in Iowa and she said the only thing she could tell me is to drive to the nearest store and talk to one of their cashiers at the jewlery department. Then it would have to be sent to the Cherish jewelery quality control. Yea I am not to pleased about driving 2 1/2 hrs then to have it gone for 2 months. Then drive 2 1/2 hours to pick it back up. So I am going to have to get this done soon.

I went to Micheals and Walmart they did not have the mint molds. Thankfully Harmand's mom had some so I can make the mints. I was getting ready to drive to Iowa City to the nearest Kitchen store. The one here in Cedar Rapids closed.

I felt like I accomplished very little.

When I was at the mall today I saw a soldier walking in. Mind you here in Iowa we don't see very many guys in uniform. I almost started to cry because I miss Harmand so much. It is bad when you see a guy in uniform and you start to cry. If I had the guy would have thought that I was crazy. :) I think this all goes with the PMS going on. I have felt terriable all day.

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