Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ribbon Photo hanger

I made photo ribbon hangers today they turned out so cute I should laminate the pictures but I think they will be okay not laminated.

I also bought frames for my other black and whites by the sea that were 5x7. I hung the 2 frames up with three pictures in each one.

I haven't gotten my larger pictures yet but did find frames for them at walmart. I like that are not terribly expensive and do the floating look.

I did buy Black foam board to see how they look hung on that too.

I am liking that I am getting the pictures up and making the apartment feel more like home

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas is over

I got the house cleaned up from Christmas. The tree is down. The wreath put away. The toys are all put in their new homes. The house is clean. It feels good to have the house back to normal. I cleaned from 8 am till 6 tonight. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I cleaned the kids room and got it all adjusted. The new toys have their homes. The kids have played Monopoly, Uno Flash, and Connect 4 today. They played well. I did get the dresser I ordered from Slumberland 4 months ago. Dustin brought the van in and we picked it up. It helped with the organization of the kids room.

I put away laundry that I washed at mom's house this weekend. It saves me $20 a week to wash my laundry at mom's house because we don't have a washer and dryer in the apartment. It is crazy how expensive it is to use the laundry mat. Then the clothes are not clean and they don't dry all the way. I can't believe that people actually pay to do it too. It is frustrating to wash your clothes there.

New Years Eve I don't really have any plans. The kids and I will stay here and play Wii and order pizza. I will get some junk food for tomorrow night. I think my brother Rex will be comming over to hang out with us.

I have been debating doing the Angel Food Ministries. I am going to get one box this month and see how the food is. I will let you know how it goes with that. It is $30 and supposed to feed a family for a week.
If I got it and used it for one week I would save almost $50 in one week. Makes one say WOW! It is alot of shoes I can buy. :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

New pictures of me from Christmas Day

Christmas Day I actually got my picture taken by Courtney so I added some new pictures of me. I had broke an egg all over my sweater and changed into my mom's shirt. I broke 2 eggs on myself while I was at my parents house. It must have been something with the eggs she has. LOL They were slippery.

Pictures of all 5 kids

I have pictures of all five of the kids from today. I will do those and then send pictures of the rest of Christmas. :) Then the picture of Tyler and Tommy together. I did get individual pictures of the boys but they need turned. Tyler and Tommy spent the night last night and played games and watched movies here.

Courtney is still in her jammies. She got them for Christmas from Grandma Weeks. They have been taken off to be washed twice and put back on to be worn till her mother tells her she stinks and needs a bath and new clothes or jammies.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Courtney Sending Daddy a message

Harm this is for you.

My Goofy daughter

Last night as we were going to bed Courtney looks out the window up in the sky, I asked her what she was doing. She answered, "Just looking for Santa" I answered, "Oh, what do you think he is doing a test run?" Courtney "Yes"
Crazy girl.

I keep looking for my Christmas spirit. I keep repeating that song, "Where Are You Christmas?"

I am trying to keep my Christmas Season. It is hard to make myself push my remember that it is important for the kids.

I have all the presents wrapped. The house is clean. Some cookies baked.

The weather looks to be good. There is supposed to be no snow. It is snowing here now and it snowed last night. It is supposed to snow tonight. It is warm. It is going to have a high of 28. YEA!

I heard a song today it was really nice. It was "Another Christmas" I am not sure who sings it. He was on American Idol.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

GA Ocean Pictures Edited

This is my favorite of Caleb, this is in GA at the ocean. This is the first time they have seen the ocean.


Well we are having a blizzard here. It is crazy how the snow is drifting. I hope the snow goes away for Christmas. We are supposed to have 2 more storms before Christmas. UGGG

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boys Birthday

The twins turned 12 yesterday. It was a weird day. We got slammed with a snow storm. It was 6 inches if I remember correctly. There was no school. We cancelled their party because of the snow. There is lots of snow and ice. Hard to believe 12 years ago I started on this crazy journey they call motherhood. I remember when they were born they were so small. They were only 3 lbs. It was so hard to deal with the problems of premature babies. I remember I was so scared because they were so small. I want to find some pictures from when they were babies. They were beautiful. They had full heads of hair. When Courtney was born she was bald.

We went to the Gangus Grill last night. The boys loved it. I am glad we went. Then we went to Sonic for a ice cream desert. The roads did get better after a while. We are going to do the Planet X thing on Christmas vacation.

Our microwave was acting really wierd this morning so we went to Walmart and got a new one. It was snapping and sparking not a good thing. Fire Danger! So Courtney and I went before a ton of people were there Christmas shopping. We checked out fast. I was thinking it would be busier the last Saturday before Christmas. It was really easy to get in and out. My cashier had no one maybe it was because it was only 9 am and everone was sleeping.

I stayed up so late last night talking to Harmand. Man I miss him so much. It is difficult to have Christmas comming up and then still keep the holiday spirit. I am trying to stay up beat for the kids. I hope they don't notice.
Christmas is only a couple days away. I think once the holidays are gone time will go fast till Harmand is home. I hope summer comes soon. I need to decide what to do about school.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Brothers Big Sisters Chrismas Party

Courtney and James Kids

Courtney and I

Courtney and Sharon her Big sister

Colton and James

Caleb and Shaun

These are pictures from the party a couple of weeks ago. LOL

2 weeks no sex or no intenet

On today this morning they were saying women would rather give up sex for 2 weeks or 2 weeks without internet. I guess I have given up sex for so long I wouldn't give up my internet. LOL I can go with out sex but don't take my internet! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love that Saturdays are so easy going. I did not do much at all today. I cleaned and did some laundry. It makes for a great day. I watched Christmas movies. I guess I am having a hard time with the holidays. Harmand being gone makes it hard to make it through the day. I have been missing him so much.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

St. Louis Pictures

This is from a couple of years ago. I found the pictures on my hard drive and messed with them. LOL Lots of fun stuff on my hard drive.

More Photo Edits

These photos are from our trip to GA. I am having a hard time deciding what photos to get made into prints. Any ideas? I can't wait to do the ocean pictures with the kids. It was so over cast on the days I took these pictures. But it gives it almost a dreamy feel.
This one has the little house just peaking out of all the trees. I bet it has a great view.

Boy am I really missing the green right now. What I wouldn't do for some! I hate all the snow outside.

Man I am loving not being in school. I have gotten a lot of art things done. I did go to Kmart today and get a bunch of stuff for the tree and Christmas decorations.
I am off to work for a while. I am looking forward to going.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photo Edits

This one I took in GA at Tybee Island there is a Fort there. I colored the flag. I liked this one. I think it will be beautiful on the wall.

This is a picture from GA. We went last Feb. I took lots of pictures and I just got around to editing them. I am going to hang pictures on my walls. I am doing many different pictures in matted frames and then use that for my wall hangings. I enjoy doing the editing. I loved this picture in GA. It is off Tybee Island.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I have been feeling sick

I have been feeling cruddy. I don't know if it is because of the lack of sleep from being sick. Or if it is that I am getting Courtney's cold. My chest hurts.
I went grocery shopping anyways today because we are supposed to get a snow storm over night. 3 inches is what they are saying. YUCK!

I need to start to prepare to move. I have to inventory the house. Can you say again YUCK!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well I feel like crud, Courtney gave me her cold. It sucks. My chest hurts. I took some musinex to get rid of the congestion. SUCKS to be sick!
I don't want to take care of anyone else because I am sick. Courtney is not feeling very good still. She is doing better. I hope she can go to school tomorrow.
We are going to have another snow storm tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well Courtney is sick again

Courtney is sick again. I didn't take her to the Dr because it is just a cold but I am watching her carefully. I did get some pictures added.
First day of school Colton Courtney Caleb.
Caleb and Colton
My brothers and me and the kids.
The last one is of my brothers parents and my kids

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well I have finished my finals. YEA! My AA is done. I am happy that it is over. LOL. My HRM 240 project was difficult. It was so hard to do. I should have chose another field. but that is okay. I am so happy I am done! YEA!

I made Black Bean Soup for supper tonight. It did not go oever at all. I hope tomorrows recipe will be better. :) I am so craving coffee. I want one but it is 9 at night I can not because I will not be able to sleep.

Monday, December 1, 2008

One final done

Well I am done with my capstone discussion question and final assignment for my international business class. Whoo! I am happy I got one thing done today. It has been hard to work and finish up my classes. I am under a deadline to finish by Wed. So tomorrow I will work all day on my Human Resource Managment class. It is a huge project. Parts are done which help. I have a checkpoint to do for that class too. I thought I would finish one class today. :)

Amber's mom had a stroke over the weekend. It is bad. She is having difficulty communicating. I feel so bad for her and Amber. I can't do much because I am trying to finish my homework. If it had been next week it would have been okay

We got 3 inches of snow here last night which made the roads a mess around here. I did walk outside for a few minutes. It was really slippery. I did not get my paperwork turned into work. I will have to venture out tonight or tomorrow to turn it in. Not looking forward to that. I hate driving in the snow.

I hope to add pictures one day to this blog but it doesn't seem to happen :) Oh well It is good for me to just write.

Harmand is supposed to be working on the paper work for the AIP. I hope we get the stuff done to move quickly. I don't think he wants to stay in S. Korea.