Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Goofy daughter

Last night as we were going to bed Courtney looks out the window up in the sky, I asked her what she was doing. She answered, "Just looking for Santa" I answered, "Oh, what do you think he is doing a test run?" Courtney "Yes"
Crazy girl.

I keep looking for my Christmas spirit. I keep repeating that song, "Where Are You Christmas?"

I am trying to keep my Christmas Season. It is hard to make myself push my remember that it is important for the kids.

I have all the presents wrapped. The house is clean. Some cookies baked.

The weather looks to be good. There is supposed to be no snow. It is snowing here now and it snowed last night. It is supposed to snow tonight. It is warm. It is going to have a high of 28. YEA!

I heard a song today it was really nice. It was "Another Christmas" I am not sure who sings it. He was on American Idol.

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