Monday, December 1, 2008

One final done

Well I am done with my capstone discussion question and final assignment for my international business class. Whoo! I am happy I got one thing done today. It has been hard to work and finish up my classes. I am under a deadline to finish by Wed. So tomorrow I will work all day on my Human Resource Managment class. It is a huge project. Parts are done which help. I have a checkpoint to do for that class too. I thought I would finish one class today. :)

Amber's mom had a stroke over the weekend. It is bad. She is having difficulty communicating. I feel so bad for her and Amber. I can't do much because I am trying to finish my homework. If it had been next week it would have been okay

We got 3 inches of snow here last night which made the roads a mess around here. I did walk outside for a few minutes. It was really slippery. I did not get my paperwork turned into work. I will have to venture out tonight or tomorrow to turn it in. Not looking forward to that. I hate driving in the snow.

I hope to add pictures one day to this blog but it doesn't seem to happen :) Oh well It is good for me to just write.

Harmand is supposed to be working on the paper work for the AIP. I hope we get the stuff done to move quickly. I don't think he wants to stay in S. Korea.

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