Saturday, November 29, 2008

Looking over the last Year

I have been thinking about the last year. Thanksgiving always gives me time to reflect. I have been thinking about how hard this year has been.

February We lost Pink, the beloved dog. Courtney was crushed by this event. It was hard for her.

June 13 Our town was flooded. We lost our home, and most of our possessions. This was difficult but the real hard work started after that.

June 15 We got into our home and started the part where we tore everything out and cleaned it out
June 28 The kids left to go to their dads
July 3 I flew to GA to spend time with Harmand.

July 8 Harmand and I got back to Iowa

July 26 the Kids got home from their dads house.

July 28 Harmand and I got married.

Aug 1 we moved into our little apartment

Aug 16 Harmand left for Korea. That was extremely hard to put him on a plane and watch him leave.

Aug 21 Caleb and Colton start Harding middle school

Oct 5 the house was removed now there is just a basement.

Novemeber I survived a Thanksgiving without Harmand at home.

This year has been almost surreal. It feels like a dream.
Boy am I glad it is almost done!

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