Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life is a ride be prepared

I have been so busy with life it seems that we never have the time to do what we need to do and want to do. Today we have Courtney's confrences and Colton's Concert. All in one night. I will add Colton's Concert video later. I am glad we have that little digital camera. It comes in really handy.

I made Black Bean Burgers last night they were so GOOD!

I use the food processor. I process about a 1/4 of an onion and 1/4 green pepper I put 2 teaspoons of minced garlic, 1 can black beans drained, 1 egg, and bread crumbs like 1 and 1/2 cups or enough to make it really thick. Then fry in a skillet or grill on a grill. I use about an ice cream scoop to make them. Cook them 2-5 minutes in skillet. My kids love these. I am thinking you can make a "meatloaf" from it.

This is inexpenisive to make. My kids loved these. I am saving this recipe!

I have been getting things ready to move to South Korea. Everyone thinks I am nuts. I don't think I am. I will update on how that goes! I am waiting on paper work from Dan.

I am almost done with school. Dec 7 is my last day YEA!

I am feeling cruddy today. I have a head cold and it is just sucking the life out of me. Making me very lazy. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow if I don't feel better.
My husband sent me 2 e-cards today. That really brightened my day. Boy do I miss him terriably.

I did finish the Chrismas Cards we are going to send. I am ordering the post cards. Man is that the way to go. It is cheeper to mail them and to buy them LOL.
Well I am off to get some homework done. Got to pass these last two classes!

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