Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Presents ALREADY!?

Well I have Harmand's Christmas presents wrapped and ready to go. With him being so far away I have to send them early. I will send it out next week. I hope he really enjoys them. I will not say any more because he could read this. LOL

I got the boys Christmas and birthday presents today. I am so excited about birthday presents and Christmas! I need to wrap them tomorrow.

I got an awesome buy at Aldi's today. They had a 4 gb card for 9.99 you can only buy one at a time, I think I will go back tomorrow and get another one.

Dec 4 there is a holiday parade at night. I really want to take the kids to it. We have a holiday party Thursday night for Big Brother's Big Sister's. I will miss our big brothers and sisters so much when we move. :( It will be hard to leave our family and friends when we move. It is so hard to think about.

Harmand doesn't know if he wants to stay in Korea for 2 years. I am still waiting for him to get the paper work for us to get a command sponsorship.

Over the weekend we went to my mom's house and had my birthday party. I got lots of really cute things. I got an cool hat. I am waiting for the pictures from my mom so I can show it off.

Tomorrow I am going to get the Christmas tree out.

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