Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boys Birthday

The twins turned 12 yesterday. It was a weird day. We got slammed with a snow storm. It was 6 inches if I remember correctly. There was no school. We cancelled their party because of the snow. There is lots of snow and ice. Hard to believe 12 years ago I started on this crazy journey they call motherhood. I remember when they were born they were so small. They were only 3 lbs. It was so hard to deal with the problems of premature babies. I remember I was so scared because they were so small. I want to find some pictures from when they were babies. They were beautiful. They had full heads of hair. When Courtney was born she was bald.

We went to the Gangus Grill last night. The boys loved it. I am glad we went. Then we went to Sonic for a ice cream desert. The roads did get better after a while. We are going to do the Planet X thing on Christmas vacation.

Our microwave was acting really wierd this morning so we went to Walmart and got a new one. It was snapping and sparking not a good thing. Fire Danger! So Courtney and I went before a ton of people were there Christmas shopping. We checked out fast. I was thinking it would be busier the last Saturday before Christmas. It was really easy to get in and out. My cashier had no one maybe it was because it was only 9 am and everone was sleeping.

I stayed up so late last night talking to Harmand. Man I miss him so much. It is difficult to have Christmas comming up and then still keep the holiday spirit. I am trying to stay up beat for the kids. I hope they don't notice.
Christmas is only a couple days away. I think once the holidays are gone time will go fast till Harmand is home. I hope summer comes soon. I need to decide what to do about school.

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