Monday, April 6, 2009

Another week is gone!

Time seems to fly by. I love that it is spring. Not that you can tell by the weather in Iowa. The snow seems to be flying all the time. Hopefully it is over. Sunday it snowed again. It snowed last Saturday. It warms up so it melts but I am tired of looking at it.

We spent the weekend at mom and dad's house. Saturday, mom and I cleaned the basement we went threw more of the stuff from the house in Palo. I am so tired of it. We are almost done. We will have to bring a bunch of stuff over to the apartment when we move before the movers come but oh well. I still don't know what to do with the porcelain dolls. I think mom will end up keeping most of them for Court.

Saturday was Bill Yates Celebration of Life. It was interesting. They had lots of beer. I babysat for his girls for 8 years. I used to tell him that he paid for my first car. ;) I didn't really know what to say to the girls... He had cancer but died from a blood clot. They lost their house in Palo too. So there isn't much left of their childhood. It is so sad.

I am trying to go threw the kids pictures and start their scrap books. It is so overwhelming. It is something I would like to have done before we move. It is 12 years for the boys and 8 for Courtney all done in 2 months. LOL Yea sure.

I did get to run on Monday, Wed and Friday. Friday I went to mom and dad's I did laundry while I did that I took her dogs for a run. It is hard to run with an animal. Anna doesn't keep up or she gets side tracked. I tell my mom they both have adhd, Rebel and Anna. She says it is because they are hunting dogs.

Caleb and Colton's teacher has not been in school this week because her husband was hurt working in the line of duty. He is a Cedar Rapids PO. He was responding to people on Sunday so that is good. He had traumatic brain injuries. We are keeping them in our prayers.

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